Directions to Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®

196 rang de la Montagne, St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2E0

Transportation From Montreal: There are at least 3 alternatives. You can take the bus to Magog from the central bus station in Montreal, or you can reserve a place with the Aeronavette shuttle bus directly from the airport, which is more expensive, but quicker and more convenient. Upon request, we may organize transportation from downtown Montreal to the ashram and return for CN$35.

At the beginning of the weekend seminar, we have a supper at the ashram between 7 and 8 pm and an introductory talk at 8:30 pm. so please try to get a flight that will allow you to arrive in the Montreal airport not later than 4:30 pm.

You may also take a shuttle bus from the airport to the nearby town of Magog, where we will pick you up. To do this, contact Aeronavette,, tel. 1-819-820-5858, 1-855-628-3883. The cost is about CAD$138 round trip if reserved in advance.

If you wish to arrive a day or two before a seminar, please come by bus from Montreal to Magog.You can take a bus from the airport to the main downtown bus station at 1717 rue Berri, Montreal, the main entrance of the central bus station, and there purchase a ticket to "Magog." Call us at 1-888 252 9642 (a toll-free number) from the bus station to inform us when you will arrive in Magog, which is 1.5 hours trip. We are 20 minutes from Magog and will pick you up there. There are about 7 buses per day and night.

For some of our seminars or retreats we may have to collect everyone downtown in the late afternoon, Friday, at the main entrance of the central bus station ("gare central des autocars") at 1717 rue St Denis, Montreal, Then you can take a taxi or the airport bus to the central bus station and meet our driver. Do call us at 1-888 252 -9642 (toll free) when you do arrive either at the airport or at the bus station).

The first level seminar ends at 5:30 pm on Sunday. The 2nd level retreat ends at 4 pm on Sunday. We will arrange for your transportation to the airport, leaving immediately, but it will take at least 1.5 hours with the traffic, and you need to be there at least 1.5 hours ahead of the flight departure time, so do not book a return flight prior to 8:30 pm for a first level seminar and 7:30 pm for a 2nd level seminar. If there are no flights after that time, you will need to stay in a nearby airport hotel. There are many listed on the internet and they all have shuttle service to the airport in the morning. Otherwise you could consider staying over ight here at the ashram if you bring a rental car or if early the next morning you take the direct bus to the main station in Montreal from the town Magog (which is 20 minutes away from the ashram, and where we can take you). It costs about CAD$37. But your flight on Monday should be late morning or afternoon if you want to do that. As there is usually no one driving back to Montreal on Monday, if you are contemplating staying over Sunday night at the ashram you would have to either take the bus or a rental car. There is a bus leaving from Magog at 6 am and 7 am Mondays and it arrives in Montreal main bus terminus 1 hour 45 minutes later. A taxi from Montreal main bus terminal to the airport takes 30 minutes. There is also an airport bus which takes the same time, departing every 30 mintues which costs about CAD$27. The taxi costs about CAD$37. So if you took the 6 am bus Monday from Magog it would get you into Montreal by 7:45 am, and you could be at the airport by 8:30 am. But do check the bus schedule Magog to Montreal at the website of the bus company

Send to me at satchidananda your flight itinerary when you have made your reservations.

Directions if you are driving from Montreal: cross the Champlain Bridge. Take the #10 AutoRoute (Eastern Townships AutoRoute) for 55 minutes, to Exit 100. Turn right and go 3 miles to the village of St. Etienne de Bolton. At the church veer to your right and take "rang de la Montagne" ("Mountain Road") up the hill for ¾ of a mile. At the crest of the hill, just after the pavement becomes a gravel road, turn right into the driveway, number 196 rang de la Montagne. You will see a large white and blue house there. The entrance is marked by an arch with the letters "Kriya Yoga Ashram de Babaji".

From New York: take Highway 87 north to the border, then follow the signs towards Montreal. Just look for the signs for the Champlain Bridge crossing over the St. Laurence River into Montreal. Exit to Highway 10 and then head east toward Sherbrooke. Follow the above directions to the ashram.

From New England: Take Highway #91 through Vermont to the border of Quebec, where it becomes #55. Continue for another 20 minutes to #10. Go west towards Montreal another 15 minutes to new exit 100. Turn left at the sign "St. Etienne de Bolton" and follow the above directions.

Carpools are also forming from the New York, Boston, Albany, Toronto and Montreal areas. Please let us know if you would like to be in a carpool.

Map to Kriya Yoga Ashram



Termin: 31 października - 3 listopada 2019
Nauczyciel: Satyananda

M.G. Satchidananda receives Patanjali Award for 2014

Miejsce: "Bajkowa Zagroda"
ul. Zalesie 13,
Łąki Radzymińskie,
05-250 Radzymin

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Skontaktuj się z nami ws. szczegółów seminarium i rejestracji wysyłając email na adres: Tomasz


Poprowadzi: Satyananda
e-mail Satyananda
z Niemiec

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Londyn: 21-23 czerwca 2019    
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Miejsce: The Theosophical Society
50 Gloucester Place,
London W1U 8EA

Plan zajęć: Piątek 10.30 - 18.30; Sobota & Niedziela 8.30 - 18:00
Sugerowany datek finansowy: £300 (£150 dla osób wcześniej inicjowanych)

Kontakt: Marina Kapur, Londyn

M.G. Satchidananda receives Patanjali Award for 2014

MG Satchidananda otrzymuje nagrodę Patanjali za rok 2014 przyznawaną przez Yoga Alliance International / International Yoga Federation.

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Zakon buduje szkołę w pobliżu Rudraprayag.

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