Babaji Om Guru Om Festival

Marshall Govindan came to Brazil for the first time in January, 1998. He came to São Paulo and gave first and second initiations to a group of 22 people. Some of them which are still practicing managed to keep alive the flame of sadhana (daily practice) and satsang (meetings of searchers of God) and could go deep into the teachings. After the enthronement of the first two Brazilian Acharyas Saraswati Karuna Devi and Sharanadevi (Nagalakshmi now), Babaji’s precious teachings could spread itself throughout the country, in various states.

20 years gone by and today we have 5 acharyas another one in the final stage of training, we have more than 2000 people initiated into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in Brazil.
This is the reason behind the Om Guru Om Festival: Celebration of our great Sangha and of the consistency of the initiation process, practice and transformation taking place in this Brazilian Kriya community. Jai Babaji!

The program will have the precious presence of Marshall Govindan Satchidananda the President of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas and international leader and his wife Durga Ahlund creator of the program Deepening your Practice and Practicing at the Edge which gave us a new approach and understanding of the deep levels of Kriya Hatha Yoga. We are going to have kirtan programs (devotional chanting) every night with the community devotional group of Flor das Águas, with Sattva Soul and with the great musician and loving devotee and disciple of our Satguru Deva Chandra Lacombe.

Om Guru Om Festival happens from November 14th-20th 2018 in Espaço Flor das Águas in Cunha a special climatic region that is about 2:30 hours drive from São Paulo.
Cunha is very well known for its high quality pottery production as art and other natural beautiful places like the Macela Mountain, or the many waterfalls in State Park of Serra do Mar with an exquisite Araucaria forest.
The city is 950 meters above sea level and is located in an area with the biggest and the thickest range of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil inside the State Park of Serra do Mar.
Going down 50 km towards the sea, driving through a beautifully and carefully built ecological road we reach the famous Paraty a colonial town with many little islands around with history and beauty.

Espaço Flor das Águas is the external expression of a community that has chosen to live a life of shared spiritual practice, mainly Kriya Yoga that is integral part of the daily sadhana of the majority of the community residents.
Besides the shared rooms in Flor das Águas lodge, especially for this occasion, the residents are going to welcome the participants of this program inside their homes.
The facilities also include collective rooms in a Yurt and Bamboo House located at Canto da Floresta place 10 minutes walking distance from the main room. And finally, you have the option of camping with your own tent or you can rent one directly at Flor das Águas.

Meals are going to be strictly vegan.


Shared rooms, everything included (44 spots). R$ 1.476,00
Place at resident house (25 spots) R$ 1.404,00
Place at Canto da Floresta (16 spots) R$ 1.188,00
Camping area R$ 1. 089,00
Vegan meals included in the costs will be adapted to the Festival Program: complete and rich breakfast starting at 9:30 am and a complete meal around 5:30 pm. Fruit and fresh water will be available during the whole function.


From São Paulo
By car: around 2:30 or 3 hours, depending on the time of the and weekday
By Bus: From São Paulo (Tiete BusTerminal) to Guaratinguetá, and from there 40 minutes to Cunha in a hired local taxi. Very wellknown at bus terminal.

From Rio de Janeiro
By car: around 4:30 or 5 hours depending of time of day or weekday
By Bus: From Rio (Novo Rio bus Terminal) to Guaratinguetá, and form there 40 minutes to Cunha in a hired local taxi. Very wellknown at the bus terminal.


or +55 12 3111-3058 or +55 12 9 9655-1592

Space is limited so be aware!!!


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