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The Hatha Yoga Program for People with Diabetes




Par: Marshall Govindan Satchidananda

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View this 10 minute introduction from "The Hatha Yoga Program for People with Diabetes", by Dr. Ripoll Bunn, M.D. a Board certified urologist, and Dawn Mahowald, Yoga therapist,  a one hour instructional DVD, approved for advertising by the medical advisory board of the American Diabetes Association,  which you may order from for US$14.95, CA$18.90 (inc gst) or CA$20.32 in Quebec (inc gst & pst) At the same sight under "Articles" read more about the "A Survey of Medical Research on the Beneficial Effects of Exercise and Yoga on Diabetes."

In this one hour video course you will learn a progressive series of safe, and easy-to-do exercises which will massage the abdominal organs, and in particular promote the development of the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Developed by the

Dr. Emilia Ripoll-Bunn, and Dawn Mahowald for person with diabetes, this video course is based upon extensive research in both sports medicine and Indian clinical facilities.  Regular practice of these exercises may enable you to significantly reduce your dependance upon insulin injections or supplements. Two advanced sections on this video are especially recommended for diabetic children to reduce the side effects of diabetes.

Yoga controls diabetes by:

Massaging and stimulating the vital organ system improving function

Lowers blood glucose levels

Improving your body's use of insulin

Lowering blood pressure

Lowering blood cholesterol

Improving circulation

Burning excess body fat

Increases bone density and strength

Improving muscle strength and flexibility of the spine

Increasing energy levels

Decreasing depression and promoting relaxation

Reducing stress and releasing tension and anxiety

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