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First Initiation - Initiation by MG Satchidananda in North America only

Date: Place: Deposit amount: $50

Second Initiation - Initiation by MG Satchidananda in North America only

Date: Place: Deposit amount: $75

Third Initiation

Date: Place: Deposit amount: $300

Teacher Training

Date: Place: Deposit amount: $300

South India/Sri Lanka Pilgrimage

Date: Next January, Place: South India/Sri Lanka, Deposit amount: $450

India Himalayan Pilgrimage

Date: in September, Place: Himalayas, Deposit amount: $450

Gathering of Initiates

Date: Place: Deposit amount:

Silent retreat at Quebec ashram

Date: in December, Place: Quebec ashram, Deposit amount: $70

Personal retreat at Quebec ashram

Date: Place: Quebec ashram, Deposit amount:


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Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®
196 Mountain Road, P.O. Box 90
Eastman, Quebec, Canada J0E 1P0

Include your name, address and telephone number. Mention the activity you wish and include the deposit amount applicable.

From India: Contact "Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas Trust" PO Box 5608, Malleswaram West, Bangalore 560 055

e-mail Vinod tel.+91-(0)80-2356.0252 fax. +91-(0)90-2344.4835.



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Silent Retreat at Quebec Ashram

Initiation at the Quebec Ashram

1st Initiation
October 13-15, 2017
May 25-27, 2018,
October 12-14, 2018

With M. G. Satchidananda

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1st Initiation
August 18-20, 2017
With Vyasa

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Free Yoga classes at the Kriya Yoga Ashram in St. Etienne de Bolton
Every Tuesday: 9 am. - 10:45 am.
Saturday: 9 am. - 10:30 am.
Sunday: 11:00 am. - 12:30 pm.

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2nd Initiation
October 20-22, 2017,
June 15-17, 2018,,
October 19-21, 2018
With M. G. Satchidananda

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3rd Initiation
July 5-14, 2018
With M. G. Satchidananda

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Kriya Hatha Teacher Training
June 28 - July 13, 2017
With M. G. Satchidananda and Durga Ahlund

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M.G. Satchidananda receives Patanjali Award for 2014

The Patanjali Award for 2014
has been made to
M. G. Satchidananda
By Yoga Alliance International/ International Yoga Federation.

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Order builds school near Rudraprayag.

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Through Silence the first meeting between man and the Mystery of God is accomplished. Taste the nectar of Silence.



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